S.C. Agency | 6 Marketing Mistakes to avoid in 2016
Start the New Year with the right foot forward and avoid these common mistakes in marketing for your strategy in 2016.
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6 Marketing Mistakes to avoid in 2016

6 marketing mistakes to avoid

05 Jan 6 Marketing Mistakes to avoid in 2016

Start the New Year with the right foot forward and avoid these common mistakes in marketing for your strategy in 2016.

Not measuring or tracking results – If you don’t track the results of your marketing activity then you won’t be able to tell what is working for your business. For example tracking the click through rate on your Google Analytics or social media conversions to your website, by doing this you know which content and marketing tools work best for you.

Brand positioning– By putting yourself in the same box as every other business like yours can seem like the right thing to do, but it can also make you invisible and less likely to gain new customers/audience. Avoid this by positioning your business as a distinctive brand and set yourself apart from the competition, this can be achieved through brand design and voice.

No Call to action– When presenting your audience with information you need to give a clear direction of what you want them to do. You need to have an effective call to action on all marketing materials, such as print advertisements, social media and your websites as these help your customer and audience to find you, is also important that you have a trustworthy hosting so you know the website will be always on, there are different services as Armchair Empire where you can find the perfect hosting for your site.
(see our blog on the right way to write a call to action)

Targeting the wrong audience for you-You should consider this when creating your call to action, and your tracking results should also show whether you are targeting the right audience for you. This will also influence your types of marketing and advertising strategy. Make sure you do your research and see which methods work best for your audience. Align your strategy with the right audience for you and you’re sure to gain conversion.

Your brand voice is all wrong – Having a consistent and engaging brand tone of voice is integral to your marketing strategy and establishing your brand. This works hand in hand with your targeted audience, but whoever your niche audience is, be sure that your brand voice is consistent, engaging and not boring or rude. Adding a humorous approach might work for one brand, setting them apart from similar businesses, but make sure you don’t go overboard and stray away from your actual brand message.

No set marketing plan– Your goals can’t be achieved unless you set them first. You need to write out your aims and goals and how you will achieve them, using clear marketing strategies and budget these if necessary.



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