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7 tips for great offline marketing
7 Tips for Offline Marketing

Follow our ideas and tips for great offline marketing.  Make most of your business cards. From the design to the contact details your business card is an important piece of marketing material. Perfect to hand out at meetings and networking events, always have a few ready to...

Imogen’s Work Experience Diary – Day 5

On my last day of work experience I set about creating designs for a letterhead. This was a completely new concept for me so I learnt a lot by doing it myself. Overall the week has been very helpful, the team and environment was very friendly...

Imogen’s Work Experience Diary – Day 4

I started off the day by creating my own business card designs. This gave more of an idea about how much time goes into one design, I also didn’t realise how many draft designs needed to be made for the customer to choose from. In...

Imogen’s Work Experience Diary – Day 3

Today I was started the design project set by Alex, about Kettering Dog Walkers. First of all I researched logo designs on pinterest and created a document with my favourite ones on. I then designed my own, using the brief given to me as a...

Imogen’s Work Experience Diary – Day 2

Today I looked at way of promoting The Oundle Candy Co, such as writing tweets and facebook posts about their products and local events. I was then showed what an eshot was and had the opportunity to design one. It was very interesting to find...

Imogen’s Work Experience Diary – Day 1

On my first day at S.C. Agency I was introduced to everyone in the team and showed how the office is laid out. I was then assigned some projects by Chloe. My first project was to do with Angela’s book she had written called ‘Fred...

Katie’s Work Experience Diary: Part 2

Day 3 - The third day was spent mostly looking into the web designs that I had created the previous day, improving them and creating new concepts after discussing them in the morning. I was constantly changing different aspects of my designs whilst also getting feedback...

— Edward de Bono on Creativity