S.C. Agency | Cameron Mills work experience diary – Day 2
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Cameron Mills work experience diary – Day 2

25 Nov Cameron Mills work experience diary – Day 2

On my second day I enjoyed it a lot more as I was able to do a little more design and this was a lot of fun. First of all I went through the Facebook page of fred’n’friends and picked out the best pet names for the winner of the competition that was run. I then went onto looking at the media sources for s.c/agency and reviewed them and wrote what could be improved. Then I looked at businesses and how they are starting to entirely be based around social media. I then wrote blogs for Christmas, black Friday and New Year and gave ideas about what S.C could write. My favourite part of the day was when I did the kids party that had many activities, including a clown and video games, where kids could go online to find news about Overwatch, also party flyers and I decided to do some concepts so I could do a little bit of the design aspect.

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